Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turkish Delight

Anyone who knows the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe has heard of Turkish Delight.

If you are lucky enough to have had some, my darlings, you are probably as in love with them as I am. There are two ways to have Turkish Delight-it can be enjoyed in the fantastic cubes coated in powdered sugar, or coated in chocolate. Both are fabulous depending on what you crave at the time.

Traditionally, Turkish Delight comes in Rose, and Lemon. I've also seen Strawberry, and I really suppose that they sky could be the limit...

I am so obsessed with Turkish Delight that I can not seem to stop making Turkish Delight themed products, and wanted to share not only Posh Bijou products, but a couple cute finds from other etsy shops!

Some may find it a bit unorthodox for a seller who makes soap themselves to promote another seller who does, but come on! This Turkish Delight Soap from Clean Confections is totally awesome! What a gorgeous and fun replica of Turkish Delight candy! Can't you just smell the Strawberries? Love it!
Clean Confections

Speaking of replicas of Turkish Delight...oh.my.goodness......This doll sized edition of Turkish Delight from She Counts Crows is just too great for words! I know a certain blonde bombshell of a doll in my house who would love to have these! Do you?

Turkish Delight lip balm-YUMMERS! This lip balm from Morgan Street is modeled after the yummy chocolate and rose Turkish Delight, specifially Fry's that comes from the UK. (a very glamourous version of the candy bar, I suppose) Rose and Chocolate is an absolutely fantastic combination, so it's wonderful that they have made it in a take everywhere, treat yourself at any time lip treat! How beautiful are the labels, too?

These next two soaps are from my shop, Posh Bijou. They are both Turkish Delight, my own version is a wonderful infusion of Pure Rose and Pure Lemon. The top soap is an exfoliating bar that has ground lemon peel and rose clay, and the second one is a simple, creamy bar.

Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Body Soap
Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Soap

Here is my Posh Turkish Delight Jelly. I feel so fancy just having this jam in my pantry, and I love to gift my friends with it as well. Keeping with my lemon and rose theme, I made this decadent jelly from real rose water, and freshly candied lemon peel.

Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Jelly


  1. Lovely collection. I can almost smell and taste it!

  2. I'd like one of everything please (except the lip balm) since I can get those whenever I like :) Thanks for including me in this fabulous bunch of goodies.