Friday, November 27, 2009

Pink and Black and oh so Posh

Hello Darlings!

Here in the sugary, sparkly dreamland that is Posh Bijou, we LOVE pink and black. So much so that the company colors are Pink and Black. Although I do love all colors, especially dreamy pastels, today's blog is all about the clever combo of Pink and Black.

I sat in my dreamy office scouring etsy over the last week for some great finds that fall under this theme so I can share them with all of you! Here are some of my favorites:

This fine art piece is entitled Hollywood Cerise Nebula by hotjavva. I love the fresh, crisp, modern feel to it, while it still captures my love of girly dreams with it's pinks and glitter.


This item from MaryJanesandGaloshes is by far one of the most interesting gifts that I have seen on Etsy. Where was this a few a years ago when one of my Posh Lady Pal's were going through a divorce? Although divorce is a touchy and sad subject, come on ladies--it is also a brilliant new beginning, a celebration of a new stage in womanhood, no matter how old or young you are or the circumstances. This gift says "You are STILL fabulous, let's celebrate you and keep it up!"

This quilted pillow cover I found in BerryLane's shop tickles my fancy because it's a great meeting of modern glamour and shabby chic. I love both of those styles, and I think a lot of you do, too. It also reminds us that quilted items don't have to scream Country Cabin, they can lightly call out Chic Apartment! It's also a great choice due to the fact that you can use it to cover your favorite type of pillow, be it down, organic cotton, or memory foam.


I love pretty things. I also, believe it or not, love cleaning. These genius gloves from melanie800 combines both of those loves for me! Someone, please, please buy these for me! What a special gift these would also make for someone who loves glamour, but isn't necessarily keen on cleaning-these would really jazz up chores!


This necklace from mariaelenasjewelry is sharp, classy, and fun! How great would this be with an all black dress or outfit--the splash of pink from the rose is unforgettable. If you're like me you could do something really fun like coordinate hot pink shoes and purse to go with.


I Love Love Love this three piece personalized diaper bag set from treasuredtotes08. Thank goodness, gone are the bad days of the 90's when being a Mommy meant Baby Looney Tunes Diaper Bags. (Scary) Now anyone can be a Posh Mommy, especially thanks to sweet Damask and Polka Dot sets like this!


Happy Shopping, my sweet Darlings!

Monday, November 23, 2009


From Webster's online Dictionary. = )


Definition: Bijou



1. Small and elegant; "bijou villas"; "can Americans be persuaded to pay out dollars for bijou cars?".


1. A small and delicately worked piece.

Source: WordNet 1.7.1 Copyright © 2001 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

Date "bijou" was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1844. (references)

Etymology: Bijou \Bi*jou"\, noun; plural Bijoux. [French expression; of uncertain origin.]. (references)

Synonyms within Context: Bijou

ContextSynonyms within Context (source: adapted from Roget's Thesaurus).


Pea butterfly; garden; flower of, pink of; bijou; jewel; (ornament); work of art.


Tidbit; gem, gem of the first water; bijou, precious stone, jewel, pearl, diamond, ruby, brilliant, treasure; good thing; rara avis, one in a thousand.


Noun: jewel, jewelry, jewellery; bijoutry; bijou, bijouterie; trinket;fine jewelry; costume jewelry, junk jewelry; gem, gemstone, precious stone.

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Crosswords: Bijou

English words defined with "bijou": Bijoux. (references)
Etymologies containing "bijou": Bijoutry. (references)
Non-English Usage: "Bijou" is also a word in the following language with English translations in parentheses.

French (bijou, brooch, jewel).


Modern Usage: Bijou


Movie/TV Titles

Bijou (1972)

Le Bijou (1946)

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Usage Frequency: Bijou

"Bijou" is generally used as a noun (singular) -- approximately 91.30% of the time. "Bijou" is used about 23 times out of a sample of 100 million words spoken or written in English. Its rank is based on over 700,000 words used in the English language. Some parts-of-speech are not covered due to the samples used by the British National Corpus. (note: percents less than one-hundredth of one percent have been omitted)
Parts of SpeechPercentUsage per
100 Million Words
Rank in English
Noun (singular)91.3%2176,261
Noun (proper)8.7%2245,945

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