Monday, February 22, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Who here besides me is just tickled beyond belief about the upcoming 3D movie, Alice in Wonderland? Anyone? Everyone! As a child, I did like the Disney cartoon that was put out, but I much preferred to be lost in the book. The words really enabled me to be taken away to a World much like Alice's, and the exquisite drawings later inspired me to make a series of my own Alice in Wonderland art. (Which I deeply wish I still had, I would share here!)

This new movie seems very promising to me to lure us into the topsy turvy World of Wonderland, and so got me to thinking, let's see what kind of Alice in Wonderland inspired items I can find! Some of the items from etsy artisans are deliberately created from Alice inspiration, while a few of the others simply caught my fancy! Please let me know what you think of this collection I have put together! Happy journey down the rabbit hole, my darlings!

We shall start as the story starts, with Alice. I am always dazzled by anyone who can make clothing, double so if it is beautiful, unique children's clothing that is a throwback to a time when our children dressed for tea and less in sweat clothes. This is a beautifully detailed set that even includes the petticoat, what a lovely heirloom dress this would make!
Visit RichelleLeanne's Shop!

Why is a Raven like a writing desk? Well, I still have no idea the answer to that, I am sure there is a college course somewhere on the subject, but I do know I am obsessed with Mad Hatter style hats! I found two that are quite fantastic on etsy!

The first is from Das, which is a very lovely shop with many fun items for your enjoyment.

Hats Galore in Luna Rana's shop! Including a fun Queen of Hearts top hat! I just adored this shade of green, reminds me of the 'traditional' mad hatter's hat.

I love the White Rabbit, without him, Alice would never have fallen down the rabbit hole and discovered our beloved Wonderland! I found many wonderful pocketwatches on etsy, but the details on this piece, such as the ribbon and wonderful drawing of the white rabbit on one side of the watch, in addition to the fabulous description you will have to click and read made this one my favorite 'hands' down. (That was a clock pun, hee hee!)

This necklace is a vision! A wonderful statement piece that is a collaboration of things throughout the story. I have to give this shop a special nod, since they are from one of my VERY favorite towns in Alaska, North Pole. Yes, North Pole! We have family there and drive up from Anchorage as often as we can. For sure a town to see if you visit Alaska, with Santa at Santa Clause house year round, my favorite restaurant in the country, the Elf's Den, and one of my new favorite etsy artisans, 2 Raven Chicks! Their shop has several other lovely Alice inspired items, and more whimsical pieces besides that.
Shop 2 Raven Chicks

We all go a little mad sometimes. Yes, yes we do! The chesire cat was always a favorite subject of mine to paint and illustrate. I am happy to notice on etsy that there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to my favorite fictional feline.
This first item is just plain fun, and I loved the novel way to photograph a tutu!
Get carried away in fantasy with Mt Coffinz

These ruby earrings are beyond delicious and a wonderful representation of The Queen of Hearts. I may just end up snagging these gems for myself! Their shop is full of drool worthy gems, be sure to check out and prepare to be dazzled!
I love love love tea parties, although I can say I have never attended one quite like the one Alice stumbled upon hosted by the Mad Hatter. I wanted to find an item on etsy that captured the whimsy of such a party, and I found it in the form of this Woodland Tea Cup Pin Cushion from Buffalo Sisters. The shop also features a very whimsical and one of a kind Queen of Hearts Snow Globe that is like nothing else you have seen! Be sure and browse through her shop and you will all kinds of delightful items.

A little out of order(as is Wonderland) here is my second pick for a Cheshire cat item. Fun, fun, fun! One wonderful thing about this item and the shop is that this hat is available for everyone in the family--it comes in infant sizes, child, and adult. Think of the fun winter outings and photos you could take! Love it.....
Have fun and look cute with Savvy Stitch hats!

If you do not laugh or at least smile at my choice for the item to represent the Caterpillar, then something is really wrong! I could not resist adding this, it's totally adorable and hilarious! Spoiled Bratzwear has some pretty cute stuff, and I love that some of their 'models' are their rescued Greyhounds! After talking with the artist, I was tickled to find out that this very costume was featured in an October episode of the Martha Stewart Show! Kudos!
Spoiled Bratzwear

Last, but certainly not least, is the oft forgotten March Hare! Larry Spears Pottery brings us this fun interpretation of the March Hare via a cookie Jar! How great! He really makes me smile and would be a fun addition to anyone's home!
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