Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rose & Bee: My Kidney Donation Journey Part I

Please check out the three part blog series on my personal blog about my recent Kidney Donation :)

Rose & Bee: My Kidney Donation Journey Part I: I am in the process of donating one of my kidneys.  There are several questions that I get asked often about the process and what lead to th...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Autumn Wedding

One of my Sisters is going to be having an Autumn Wedding. How lovely! The colors and scents of Fall are so inspirational, so glorious.

I decided to have some fun and peruse Etsy for a fantastic collection of great items for an Autumn Wedding, and wanted to share those items with her and everyone else!

Handfasting is an ancient European ritual that some people are not familiar with. It has such beautiful sentiment. This is where our Modern term "Tying the Knot" is from. The couple joins hands, and the cord is symbolically tied around their hands and wrists. I really love that tradition....My sister will be doing a handfasting during her ceremony, and I found the most perfect handfasting cord for her in Liorah Lleucu's shop. It's beautiful, no?

When I got Married, one of the most enduring gifts that I received was Custom Champagne Bottle Labels. A life long friend, who was also one of my Bridesmaids, had them made up for us, and even went the extra mile and soaked off all of the original labels to replace them with the customs. (Hey, I am so lazy with some things and love short cuts--so it dazzled me. I just woulda slapped em on over the old labels.) I still have a couple extra, unused labels laying around and will most likely use them for a future long term Anniversary. When I saw these custom labels from LZ Designs, all of my sweet memories rushed back. Sometimes it's the little touches that can be so Grand. These labels are quintessential to the perfect Fall Wedding.

LZ Designs

For many of us, a fond image that comes to my mind when thinking of Fall is the beautiful leaves. One of my favorite memories growing up is of the leaves changing to all of those beautiful colors on the trees that lined all of the streets in our neighborhood. There was a charge to the air that just felt....special and magical. = )

I found these Beautiful, Handmade Sugar Leaves from Andies Specialty Sweets. I am a huge sugar junkie, and if you make it beautiful-even better! These would look wonderful scattered across a cake, or even with one topping a cupcake.

Andies Specialty Sweets

Birch Hill Crafts and I seem to share the same love of super-fine glitter--one of the loveliest and best glitters you can use. I don't *always* have the time to hand glitter things for many of the projects I want to do, and I certainly know that a Bride does not have the time to. Birch Hill Crafts to the rescue with these beautiful hand glittered Acorns. Fall with a bit of a Fairy touch.

How many of us are old enough to remember when Rice was thrown at Weddings? That evolved into Birdseed(eh), which evolved into Rose Petals(nice), I have even seen "releasing" of butterflies (that can have an unhappy ending, don't try it) Well! Bragging Bags has come up with the most novel idea. I am just in love with this...Throwing Mini Pumpkins!!!! Does it get better than that? I would love to pelt (oh, lovingly toss! Lovingly toss) the Bride with these. Bragging Bags also mentions that a Flower Girl could toss these down the aisle instead of Rose Petals. I personally like this so much that I would use them for both purposes.

In the spirit of a magickal wedding, we can not forget the Fae! I was super excited to find The Faery Watcher's Shop, and to find this particular Harvest Offering piece in particular. This would make a great addition to any wedding, and the best part is, it can be tucked into any nook, tree, corner, or whatever great spot one can come up with.

Every Wedding needs Favors. I was able to find not one, but two Fabulous favors in a shop called Nature Favors. The first one is so fun...fall leaf confetti that is actually a plantable mix of annual and perrenial seeds, and I feel it pretty much speaks for itself.

The second Favor by Nature Favors is a bit decadent, in my opinion. I love it. A delight for both sight and smell, and a great keepsake for guests (and the Bride & Groom?) to have in their home.

I love clothing....I change costumes (ahem, clothes) a few times a day if given the chance and the proper environment. So I personally think it is wholey appropriate for a Bride to change gowns. This Autumn Pixie gown is a STUNNER. I can only imagine how gorgeous this must be in person. Actually, all of the gowns that Deconstructress has in her shop are Stunning and Unique.

The last two items I am featuring in this Blog are items that I also feel, speak for themselves. There are so many possibilities with these Masks, and as they were both so Extraordinary they were just begging to be in the blog. Really, I could probably take one of everything from The Art of The Mask's shop, and what also strikes me is that the service of having a cast of your face made and a custom mask commissioned from such a talented artist is essentially a dream come true. At least for me, and who doesn't like a good trip to Seattle now and again anyhow? Please take a look through their shop and read the great descriptions on their creative process to hand make these masks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing up in Pink Boxes

Hello, Darlings!

My home is littered right now. Littered with this and that, and boxes. More technically, bright pink 32 Gallon plastic totes with lids. Must pack in style! ; )

It has been bittersweet to pack up a beautiful office.....Stationary, Stickers, Labels, Pink and Black tissue paper, Pink and Black gift bags, Soap Molds, Soy Candle Wax, Essential Oils, Glitter Markers, and more.

Alaska has been a beautiful, wonderful place for the last 4 years....the Gypsy in me needs to wander still and explore a new place. Arizona will be the new home for myself and my family, and for Posh Bijou come fall.

It is going to be exciting to see what fresh inspiration I gain from my new environment.

Shall be great fun to unpack and organize a new office, get new resources and suppliers...

I predict that Prickly Pear will be a very fun ingredient to use! I can already see some Jam, and am eager to learn how I can incorporate it into Bath Products. Oh what fun!

Aren't new Adventures just Grand?

Rachel Rose

Monday, February 22, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Who here besides me is just tickled beyond belief about the upcoming 3D movie, Alice in Wonderland? Anyone? Everyone! As a child, I did like the Disney cartoon that was put out, but I much preferred to be lost in the book. The words really enabled me to be taken away to a World much like Alice's, and the exquisite drawings later inspired me to make a series of my own Alice in Wonderland art. (Which I deeply wish I still had, I would share here!)

This new movie seems very promising to me to lure us into the topsy turvy World of Wonderland, and so got me to thinking, let's see what kind of Alice in Wonderland inspired items I can find! Some of the items from etsy artisans are deliberately created from Alice inspiration, while a few of the others simply caught my fancy! Please let me know what you think of this collection I have put together! Happy journey down the rabbit hole, my darlings!

We shall start as the story starts, with Alice. I am always dazzled by anyone who can make clothing, double so if it is beautiful, unique children's clothing that is a throwback to a time when our children dressed for tea and less in sweat clothes. This is a beautifully detailed set that even includes the petticoat, what a lovely heirloom dress this would make!
Visit RichelleLeanne's Shop!

Why is a Raven like a writing desk? Well, I still have no idea the answer to that, I am sure there is a college course somewhere on the subject, but I do know I am obsessed with Mad Hatter style hats! I found two that are quite fantastic on etsy!

The first is from Das, which is a very lovely shop with many fun items for your enjoyment.

Hats Galore in Luna Rana's shop! Including a fun Queen of Hearts top hat! I just adored this shade of green, reminds me of the 'traditional' mad hatter's hat.

I love the White Rabbit, without him, Alice would never have fallen down the rabbit hole and discovered our beloved Wonderland! I found many wonderful pocketwatches on etsy, but the details on this piece, such as the ribbon and wonderful drawing of the white rabbit on one side of the watch, in addition to the fabulous description you will have to click and read made this one my favorite 'hands' down. (That was a clock pun, hee hee!)

This necklace is a vision! A wonderful statement piece that is a collaboration of things throughout the story. I have to give this shop a special nod, since they are from one of my VERY favorite towns in Alaska, North Pole. Yes, North Pole! We have family there and drive up from Anchorage as often as we can. For sure a town to see if you visit Alaska, with Santa at Santa Clause house year round, my favorite restaurant in the country, the Elf's Den, and one of my new favorite etsy artisans, 2 Raven Chicks! Their shop has several other lovely Alice inspired items, and more whimsical pieces besides that.
Shop 2 Raven Chicks

We all go a little mad sometimes. Yes, yes we do! The chesire cat was always a favorite subject of mine to paint and illustrate. I am happy to notice on etsy that there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to my favorite fictional feline.
This first item is just plain fun, and I loved the novel way to photograph a tutu!
Get carried away in fantasy with Mt Coffinz

These ruby earrings are beyond delicious and a wonderful representation of The Queen of Hearts. I may just end up snagging these gems for myself! Their shop is full of drool worthy gems, be sure to check out and prepare to be dazzled!
I love love love tea parties, although I can say I have never attended one quite like the one Alice stumbled upon hosted by the Mad Hatter. I wanted to find an item on etsy that captured the whimsy of such a party, and I found it in the form of this Woodland Tea Cup Pin Cushion from Buffalo Sisters. The shop also features a very whimsical and one of a kind Queen of Hearts Snow Globe that is like nothing else you have seen! Be sure and browse through her shop and you will all kinds of delightful items.

A little out of order(as is Wonderland) here is my second pick for a Cheshire cat item. Fun, fun, fun! One wonderful thing about this item and the shop is that this hat is available for everyone in the family--it comes in infant sizes, child, and adult. Think of the fun winter outings and photos you could take! Love it.....
Have fun and look cute with Savvy Stitch hats!

If you do not laugh or at least smile at my choice for the item to represent the Caterpillar, then something is really wrong! I could not resist adding this, it's totally adorable and hilarious! Spoiled Bratzwear has some pretty cute stuff, and I love that some of their 'models' are their rescued Greyhounds! After talking with the artist, I was tickled to find out that this very costume was featured in an October episode of the Martha Stewart Show! Kudos!
Spoiled Bratzwear

Last, but certainly not least, is the oft forgotten March Hare! Larry Spears Pottery brings us this fun interpretation of the March Hare via a cookie Jar! How great! He really makes me smile and would be a fun addition to anyone's home!
Visit Larry Spears Pottery

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A collection of Fairy Tales

One of my dear friends that I have known since first grade is a very talented artist. Nicole has been creating forever, and I am very pleased that she started her own etsy shop a few months ago. She's been very popular ever since, and for good reason!

Today we received in the mail a custom painting that she made for my Daughter, Eden-Violet. What a big beautiful painting! And it looks just so amazing in Eden-Violet's room! This painting features a fairy tale castle, a book of fairy tales, and a unique tree that features a symbol from a different fairy tale at the end of each leafy branch. Shimmery Paint, Glitter, and yes, even some bling complete this wonderful Gift. I am so happy and feel so Blessed, and Eden is just dazzled with it, as I am sure she will continue to be until she is much older than I am now. ;-)

Hot Javva Studio Dream Based Art

The great thing about Nicole and her art, is that she is constantly creating new things, looking for new inspiration, and yes, she does custom work. Please also check out the Hot Javva Studio Blog

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Time Off!

Phew! What a whirlwind the months of November and December were for Posh Bijou!

It was so amazing to take a couple of days off of work--that is, no creating, no listing, networking, etc. Hmm....now to think about Valentine's Day! (laughing....laughing....) Amazing how owning and running a business will change your entire perspective on Holidays!

Posh gets in a huge shipment in two days with all of the bottles and potions to make new products--Bubble Baths, Shower Gels, new soaps, but more about that on another day!

I've decided that it is finally time to do something that is still creative--BUT is something much more personal and hopefully a whole lot of fun. For the last two and half years, I have been seeing (and collecting) such cute scrapbooking papers, stickers and accessories, AND a great family friend, JulieAnn, was kind enough to donate many great tools and items as well, so since I still have a couple days off, time to finally start! YAY!

Growing up, it was so much fun to look at the family photo albums of Birthdays and Christmases gone past....how much more fun is it nowadays that we have all of these Fun things to play with to make backdrops for our photos? Amazing....hopefully I will be creating things over the next several years that will not only leave a legacy behind, but my children and grandchildren will love poring over for hours.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turkish Delight

Anyone who knows the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe has heard of Turkish Delight.

If you are lucky enough to have had some, my darlings, you are probably as in love with them as I am. There are two ways to have Turkish Delight-it can be enjoyed in the fantastic cubes coated in powdered sugar, or coated in chocolate. Both are fabulous depending on what you crave at the time.

Traditionally, Turkish Delight comes in Rose, and Lemon. I've also seen Strawberry, and I really suppose that they sky could be the limit...

I am so obsessed with Turkish Delight that I can not seem to stop making Turkish Delight themed products, and wanted to share not only Posh Bijou products, but a couple cute finds from other etsy shops!

Some may find it a bit unorthodox for a seller who makes soap themselves to promote another seller who does, but come on! This Turkish Delight Soap from Clean Confections is totally awesome! What a gorgeous and fun replica of Turkish Delight candy! Can't you just smell the Strawberries? Love it!
Clean Confections

Speaking of replicas of Turkish Delight...oh.my.goodness......This doll sized edition of Turkish Delight from She Counts Crows is just too great for words! I know a certain blonde bombshell of a doll in my house who would love to have these! Do you?

Turkish Delight lip balm-YUMMERS! This lip balm from Morgan Street is modeled after the yummy chocolate and rose Turkish Delight, specifially Fry's that comes from the UK. (a very glamourous version of the candy bar, I suppose) Rose and Chocolate is an absolutely fantastic combination, so it's wonderful that they have made it in a take everywhere, treat yourself at any time lip treat! How beautiful are the labels, too?

These next two soaps are from my shop, Posh Bijou. They are both Turkish Delight, my own version is a wonderful infusion of Pure Rose and Pure Lemon. The top soap is an exfoliating bar that has ground lemon peel and rose clay, and the second one is a simple, creamy bar.

Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Body Soap
Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Soap

Here is my Posh Turkish Delight Jelly. I feel so fancy just having this jam in my pantry, and I love to gift my friends with it as well. Keeping with my lemon and rose theme, I made this decadent jelly from real rose water, and freshly candied lemon peel.

Posh Bijou Turkish Delight Jelly